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Article: Shop Karhu In Leamington Spa and Coventry

Shop Karhu In Leamington Spa and Coventry

Shop Karhu In Leamington Spa and Coventry

Here at Kong we only stock products that we believe in. Our high standards mean that when you shop with us you can be confident that you are only getting top-quality items.

Kong was born from skate culture, and so our style, as well as our appreciation of the importance of durability, is reflected in all of the brands that we select. 

We offer a range of footwear from Karhu, a company well-known for being both robust and fashionable.

The Origins Of Karhu

Finnish company Karhu was founded in 1916. Originally named ‘Oy Urheilutarpeita’, the brand changed their name to ‘Karhu’, the Finnish word for ‘bear’, in 1920. 

Their initial success came from the production of skis, javelins and discuses, crafted using locally sourced birch trees. However, they soon shifted their expertise from producing sporting goods to developing running shoes.

The 1920s saw Finns dominating race tracks around the world, earning a group of athletes the nickname ‘The Flying Finns’, with Karhus as the athletes’ footwear of choice. Paavo Nurmi’s nine gold olympic medals solidified Karhu’s reputation as producers of elite running footwear.

The brand continued to develop and grow, becoming a favourite of runners around the world. Capitalising on this success, Karhu sold their three stripes trademark to a popular sporting brand, which that company still uses to this day.

Karhu then registered their M-logo, standing for ‘mestari’, the Finnish word for ‘champion’, which you still find on their products.

After finding success in the world of sports shoes, Karhu went on to develop a wide range of lifestyle products. You can find a number of their footwear options at Kong - Leamington Spa.

Karhu At Kong

  • Debuting in the 1980s, the Synchron Classic is one of Karhu’s most recognised styles. This recognition comes largely from its unconventional lacing.

The design was created in order to improve comfort and durability, whilst simultaneously producing a desirable aesthetic. The bold structure, combined with the suede overlays, make these supremely functional, without neglecting form.

  • We offer a couple of pairs of the Karhu Fusion 2.0, which you can view here and here. This design makes for perfect lifestyle wear, whilst giving a nod to the original 1996 Karhu Fusion running shoes. 
  • Karhu Legacy 96 - a contemporary design, rooted in the past. This style again pays homage to the 1996 running shoes. Quality and comfort are delivered in an aesthetically pleasing package.
  • The Karhu Aria 95 is clean cut, maintains the classic Karhu silhouette and boasts a full suede upper. 

If you are looking for a lifestyle shoe, you cannot go wrong with Karhu. Their innovative designs are built for life. They look good and they feel good.

Get Your Karhu's In Leamington Spa and Coventry

Shop our range of Karhus on our website, or browse our complete store here

We also offer a number of shoe care products to help you to keep your footwear in perfect condition.

Give us a shout on 02476520972 if you have any questions, or email us on

You can also keep an eye out for new releases, and generally stay up to date, by following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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