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Article: Dr. Martens - Find Yours Perfect Pair

Dr. Martens - Find Yours Perfect Pair
Dr Martens

Dr. Martens - Find Yours Perfect Pair

The Origins Of Dr. Martens

1945 post-war Munich saw a 25-year-old Dr. Klaus Mäertens nursing a broken foot. Recognising that the traditional hard leather soles of his boots were hindering his recovery, he set about designing himself some new footwear. The air cushion sole that he invented that day remains a key feature of Dr. Martens. 

Seeing the potential of the design, Dr. Mäertens introduced his creation to his friend, Dr. Herbert Funk. They joined forces, and a decade later they had a booming business. Early DMs were the choice of footwear for factory workers and postmen, miles away from the fashion statement that they would later become.

This change from a utilitarian boot to one of the world’s most culturally relevant brands began in the 1960s. The shoes were adopted by skinheads, who wore them as a proud tribute to British working class style. However, it was when Pete Townshend, of The Who, started wearing them on stage that the style really took off.

From that point onwards, Dr. Martens became synonymous with the counterculture and have been proudly sported by many different subgroups over the last five decades. And it’s to these people that we tip our hats.

Kong was born out of skating, and our lifestyle stores partner with a number of the world’s leading brands to celebrate all that is alternative. We stock the products that we love and believe in. Shop DMs from our Leamington Spa store today! 

Dr. Martens At Kong

Here at Kong we offer a range of DMs:

Ankle Boots

Our ankle boots give you the classic 8-hole design. Durable, supportive, and always in fashion. As well as the classic design in black, we also offer these in cherry red, or as platforms.


If the ankle boots aren’t for you, our Dr. Martens shoes may be a great fit. As with our ankle boots we also offer these in cherry red, or as platforms. They are perfect for everyday wear, or can be styled with formal wear, to put your own stamp on your look.

Chelsea Boots 

In a move away from the original 8-hole design, we also stock Dr. Martens Chelsea boots. Whilst the shape is similar to the early 8-hole design, these shoes skip the hassle of all those laces.


As a true reflection of the move from a utilitarian boot to a fashion statement, Dr. Martens have collaborated with a number of artists. This full black and white print is a design of Keith Haring’s, as is this more understated version. He also lent his artistic talent to these ankle boots

If you prefer a touch of colour, we also stock these boots and shoes with designs by the legend that is Jean-Michel Basquiat

Get Your Dr. Martens 

You can shop the full range of Dr. Martens on our website, or browse our full store here

Call us with any enquiries on 02476520972 or email us at

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