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Article: Get To Know Maharishi

Get To Know Maharishi
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Get To Know Maharishi

About Maharishi

Pacifist military design since ‘94.

Over the past 27 years, Maharishi have enjoyed a position as a staple cult brand, whilst also spending more than a few moments in the limelight. The late 90s and early 2000s saw a surge in popularity for the street wear company, with stars such as Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston and Victoria Beckham donning the clothing and taking it mainstream.

Like all trends, and our culture of fast fashion, this popularity soon dimmed, giving Maharishi back to the alternative crowd that it grew up with. Yet, we’re now seeing the brand adopted by hip-hop, with Travis Scott’s ‘year of the cowboy’ tour jacket triggering a storm of attention.

The thing is, this isn’t what founder and designer Henry Blechman had in mind for his creation. He wanted, and provides, functional, elevated urban street wear - with a heart. 

Durable, Sustainable, Fair

Maharishi pays attention to quality and detail, as well as ensuring that the materials used are responsibly sourced, fairtrade and their garments will be produced in good manufacturing conditions.

The rejection of fast fashion is easy to recognise when you check out the standard of the products, and get to appreciate their durability. Maharishi is made to last. It’s not some overpriced, in style for 30 seconds, high street special. It’s a utilitarian brand made to be worn over and over.

The camouflage motif runs through all Maharishi collections, clashing with and drawing attention to Blechman’s pacifist beliefs. Camo isn’t just used for this purpose. As well as recognising the rejection of war, it is also used to incorporate, and act as a tribute to, nature.

Eastern Influence

You can’t discuss Maharishi without also mentioning its strong Eastern influence. This comes from Blechman’s years living on and exploring the continent, inspiring him and his artistic vision.

So we have a London boy, designing urban street wear that celebrates nature and contradicts its pacifist ideals with overt military design. All with a distinctively Eastern air running throughout.

A marriage between Eastern culture, our mother Gaia and city grit... pretty incredible that it all works so well.

Maharishi At Kong Leamington Spa and Coventry

Yes, the Maharishi aesthetic and quality is very us, but we decided on them as one of our selected suppliers because their beliefs mirror ours.

We stock a wide range of Maharishi products. These include:





Crew Neck Sweaters 



We’ve only linked you to one example of each, but you can shop our full Maharishi collection online here.

Otherwise, you can head to our Bedford Street store in Leamington Spa or our Coventry store on The Burges. Find our full address here.

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