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Article: Dressing Smart With Kong Leamington Spa

Dressing Smart With Kong Leamington Spa

Dressing Smart With Kong Leamington Spa

When you’re heading out somewhere fancy it can be tricky to dress the part whilst still maintaining your style. To help you get around this, we have started to put together a collection of clothing that’s fairly formal, but not too stuffy. So, your mother will be cool with the look, but it’s not going to seem like she has been the one to dress you.

What’s more, we’ve selected pieces that can easily be dressed down too - so they’re not going to just sit in your wardrobe for months unused. With our commitment to high-quality garms, they’ll also last you well.

Kong Tops

Shirts - The shirts that we have vary from bold prints like this one from Stussy, to more classic, subtle choices such as this Levi’s option. Pair with some of our smart trousers and shoes and you’ll look the part, but feel comfortable and just like yourself.

Cardigans - Easy to wear, warm, and with designs like this from Obey, an easy winner. We’re also stocking this vest, which we feel is particularly strong.

In this cold weather, you’ll probably need a jacket too, so we’d suggest maybe going back to Levi’s. This piece is simple, great quality, and can be worn anywhere.

Kong Bottoms

A cotton-blend twill chino pant with a slim cut’, perfectly sensible, perfectly smart.

These Carhartt trousers are a clean, simple option, offering both style and substance. We stock them in a range of colours too.

Kong Footwear

‘I have two rules. One is, never trust a man who smokes a pipe. The other is, never trust a man with shiny shoes’. Alright, Bukowski. We get it. Unfortunately, we can’t all live in a haze of smoke, alcohol and women - we’ve got places to be.

These shoes from G. H. Bass & Co are smart, but not uncomfortably formal. Another reliable option would be the Dr Martens 1461s

We’ve also got a range of Clarks Originals, which look good but are really comfortable, and if you prefer a boot, these are ideal for pretty much any occasion

Keep It Fresh 

Decent footwear should last for years and years. The thing is though, anything you wear a lot is going to go through standard wear and tear. So whilst your shoes should be fine, if you want to keep them suitable for formal events you’re going to need to take care of them.

We’ve put together a couple of packages (like this) to keep your footwear looking smart. You can also buy the items individually.

It’s not 100% necessary to get these shoe care products, but we’d advise doing it. It’s just going to mean that they’ll last you much longer.

Shop With Kong 

Follow the embedded links if anything specific takes your fancy, otherwise, you can shop everything that we have to offer on our website.

It would also be great to see you in store - we have two outlets: Kong Leamington Spa and Kong Coventry.

Whether you visit us online or in person, we hope that we’ve made shopping for some fairly formal wear a bit easier for you.

Follow us on Instagram to keep up with all the new stock that we get in. 


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