Adidas Originals LA Trainer Winter Essential

The days are shorter, the weather is harsh, that summer vibe we loved has vanished without even so much as a goodbye. But don't worry, Adidas has got you covered with their latest LA Trainer pack.

Bringing back those summer sensations with a warm pastel vap green and pink, that smooth suede upper and distinctive cork detailing on the back heel, all cushioned by a rubber sole. It truly can feel like summer all-year-round with this vibrant LA trainer pack.

Adidas Originals can always find a way to merge a classic silhouette with any season, no matter what time of year it may be. Giving you a nostalgic reminder of that summer aboard or that winter night walking through the snow. And this trainer is a perfect example of what Adidas is capable of creating, it's more than just a shoe. 

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