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Article: HUF X Thrasher Stoops Euro Tour: Southbank, London


HUF X Thrasher Stoops Euro Tour: Southbank, London

Yesterday we had the pleasure of heading down to Slam City  in London for the Thrasher X HUF Stoops tour signing.

The day started at 3:00pm at Slam City , where kids from all over London and neighbouring areas were waiting to meet their favourite pro's from the HUF skate team.

At around 3:30pm the team arrive and the doors opened to the public. Thrasher X HUF posters were given to everyone that walked through the door to be signed by the team, as well as a short one on one with each pro

After grabbing a poster and meeting each member of the team it was time to head down to South Bank to catch the demo.

We arrived a little early but that was by no means a bad thing, watching the locals tear South Bank up was a real pleasure.

Its clear to see the community that South Bank has built and the creative vibes pouring out of the place.
If you haven't already, head over to Save The South Bank and sign the petition to stop the relocation of the area.

As the demo progressed and the crowd became larger the team really got down to it, it was a great sight to see especially as the locals were still along side ripping just as hard as the pros.

From Slam City to South Bank, Copenhagen to London the Stoops Euro Tour 2013 went off!

Till next time guys!

Photos and words by DOOM

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